Phytoplankton Gold Grade PLUS for Cats and Dogs 30 g

Product code: 1495

30 g of our New Phytoplankton PLUS, a 100% Pure Freeze dried blend of European Nannochloropsis Gaditana with Schizochytrium sp. VEGAN - NO ADDED FISH OIL

Product information

This new Phytoplankton blend is rich in Omega 3 direct from the source. Fish do not produce Omega 3, they only accumulate it through the food chain. Our Phytoplankton is grown in Europe, in containers free from heavy metals and micro plastics. It is vegan and free from any additives.

Millions of microscopic plants that are packed with minerals, amino acids, vitamins and much more. Revitalise, and cleanse your Pet's whole body with this wonder of nature. Will improve hair and skin.

  • Supports Cardiovascular Health: The high level of antioxidants, amino acids, and high levels of omega-3 fatty acids are known to support a healthier cardiovascular system.
  • Promotes Healthy Skin and hair: There are large amounts of bioflavinoids that can remove toxins from skin cells. Marine phytoplankton also contains riboflavin.
  • Tis superfood contains: Alanine, betacarotene, bioflavinoids, and vitamin E.
  • Increase Energy: Marine phytoplankton detoxifies the body, and eliminates toxins from the cells. This will improve energy and mood levels.
  • Blood Sugar Levels: Marine phytoplankton is really good for blood sugar levels. Contains Chromium.
  • Increases Vision: Betacarotene is a cornea protector, and improves vision function.
  • Helps with Joint Health: It will help a lot with joint mobility, and stiffness. Manganese helps to assist in joint mobility. Contains Omega-6 fatty acid and Pathohenic acid.
  • Liver Support: The arginine is found in this superfood and is known to help detoxify the liver. It will go right through the liver, and into the blood stream
  • Brain Function: High amount of omega-3 fatty acids for brain function, and nucleic acids for the memory. Phenylalanine improves mental clarity. Proline for learning ability. Magnesium helps maintain emotional balance.

Give your pet a minimum of 2 filled and levelled scoops daily with food - Scoop included with the container and one tightly packed and levelled scoop is equal to approximately half a gram. There is no upper safe level - you simply cannot give your pet too much Phytoplankton.

For your pet's general health and condition give this wonderful whole food provided by nature. It can generally restores the lustre to any cat or dog's coat.

Cat and dog owners know that their pets love it, and that it gives them a wonderful shiny coat. Sprinkled on their food twice a day they'll be more than happy to eat it. Used in combination with L-Carnosine it can help maintain good health.

Serving Suggestion: Sprinkle one to four scoops onto your pet's food once or twice a day. A scoop is attached to this pouch.

Nutritional information:

DHA 131mg per gram

EPA 39 mg per gram

Plus natural Vitamin B12, essential amino acids and much more.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Freeze Dried blend of European Nannochloropsis Gaditana with Schizochtrium sp. For allergens see ingredients highlighted in BOLD.

Free from Fish Oils, Microplastics, Heavy Metals, GMO, Irradiation and additives.

Available in stand up foil pouches to save you money on delivery charges and for your convenience

Technical specifications

GTIN 5060269242240
Brand Lonjevitee
Product Code 1495
Weight 0.05kg

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amazing product

Wow best product ever tried hundreds of products on the market but none as good as this one loverly lady on the phone very helpful if u try this you won't be disappointed

Mrs docherty | Northwales | August 2021

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Lonjevitee Ltd 30/09/2023

Thank you very much of your continued custom and for your review.