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5 Star Review from customer Colin Sellers of Stevenage, Herts

"I started using Carnosine Eye Drops in 2003 following a successful operation on my right eye to remove a cataract, which had developed very quickly (within a few weeks). Being very worried, I asked the surgeon what was the likelihood of a cataract developing in my other eye, and the answer was "extremely likely". Well, having used the drops continuously in both eyes now for 11 years, there is no sign of a cataract appearing and although I now use reading glasses (age 65) my long sight is nearly perfect.  Yes they are expensive but you cannot put a price on your eyesight and I am so grateful.

Faultless customer service: I re-ordered yesterday on-line at midday and the package arrived in this morning's post.  If you telephone you are met with the most friendly and helpful service possible. Thoroughly recommended."

5 Star review from customer Hazel, UK

"Just to say a big thank you for such prompt attention. Ordered yesterday lunch time and it was  here before 9 am today. Great service. Thanks."

Customer Service Review From Sonja Park - London - Received 11 April 2018

"Dear Customer Team,

 I would like to put down in writing my satisfaction about dealing with Lonjevitee. I have had patient and personal advice for all my various needs even at weekends.  I always feel thoroughly confident about the quality of Lonjevitee products and can testify that they support my wellbeing.  And beside all the above I like the pouches the products are packed in.

Many thanks for looking after me!

Sonja Park"

email received from a satisfied customer on 8th February 2020

Dear Lonjevitee,
A few months back I ordered boswellia for both the dog and me. I have creaky knees as I do a lot of running and the dog had been limping on first getting up in the morning.
Well, the dog it turned out had a cut pad that wasn’t healing and the limping in the morning was caused by the pain of it opening up again as she put weight on it.
I took her capsules once I’d finished mine. I wasn’t sure whether I noticed a difference to be honest. So once I’d finished one pouch of capsules I didn’t take any more for about four days and my knee pain was noticeably worse. I’m back on them again and the pain has definitely decreased.
So I’ve ordered more capsules for me and the powder for the dog. She is eight and very active, so if I can help ease her joints into old age it seems a good thing to do. I know it works for me.
I have given boswellia to our old horse for many years and although, like with me, you don’t think you notice a difference, you certainly do the moment you stop it.
Thank you for such a great product.
Best wishes,