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5 Star Review from customer Colin Sellers of Stevenage, Herts

"I started using Carnosine Eye Drops in 2003 following a successful operation on my right eye to remove a cataract, which had developed very quickly (within a few weeks). Being very worried, I asked the surgeon what was the likelihood of a cataract developing in my other eye, and the answer was "extremely likely". Well, having used the drops continuously in both eyes now for 11 years, there is no sign of a cataract appearing and although I now use reading glasses (age 65) my long sight is nearly perfect.  Yes they are expensive but you cannot put a price on your eyesight and I am so grateful.

Faultless customer service: I re-ordered yesterday on-line at midday and the package arrived in this morning's post.  If you telephone you are met with the most friendly and helpful service possible. Thoroughly recommended."

5 Star review from customer Hazel, UK

"Just to say a big thank you for such prompt attention. Ordered yesterday lunch time and it was  here before 9 am today. Great service. Thanks."

Customer Service Review From Sonja Park - London - Received 11 April 2018

"Dear Customer Team,

 I would like to put down in writing my satisfaction about dealing with Lonjevitee. I have had patient and personal advice for all my various needs even at weekends.  I always feel thoroughly confident about the quality of Lonjevitee products and can testify that they support my wellbeing.  And beside all the above I like the pouches the products are packed in.

Many thanks for looking after me!

Sonja Park"