Wholesale discount 1kg L-Carnosine powder, Top Grade Pure Loose Anti-ageing Antioxidant Powder for £510
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Carnosine 1kg Pure L-Carnosine loose powder - Wholesale discount price. Save £189.00

Carnosine 1kg Pure L-Carnosine loose powder - Wholesale discount price. Save £189.00

£510.00 [vat_label]
Wholesale Single Pack L-Carnosine, 100% Pure Top Grade Antioxidant with no fillers or additives.
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Ingredients: 100% pure L-Carnosine powder. 

100% Pure Top Grade L-Carnosine with no fillers or other additives. The health benefits from this food supplement are too numerous to mention here, you can find thousands of pages of research on-line. However, in case you want some general information, here's a little about it...

...L-Carnosine is one of the most powerful anti-ageing antioxidants. It is a dipeptide composed of two Amino acids B-Alanine and L-Histidine. Both these Aminos are use by the body to make Carnosine to protect cells against free radical damage. If there is not enough of either Amino acid in the body then Carnosine cannot be produced. By taking this supplement you are ensuring that both Amino's are present in the correct proportions to allow full protection from premature ageing caused by oxidation and toxic metal damage. Both Amino's are found in meat but in small quantities which are quickly used up by the body. Research has shown that more than 1 gram of pure Carnosine a day is needed to get the benefit of taking it.

Serving suggestion:
One or two grams daily for health maintenance
two grams 5 to 10 times a day for health restoration.

It is best to take this supplement throughout the day rather than all at once in order to get the most benefit.

It dissolves easily into a glass of water or a hot drink with no noticeable taste or smell.

The kilo offer is for a single package of carnosine for reselling. It will not be in individual packages and no scoops provided.

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