Boswellia for Dogs 30 g

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Boswellia Extract 30 g Loose Powder for Dogs. Comes with a 400 mg measuring scoop.

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Boswellia Serrata Loose Powder - 30 g in a resealable pouch with a 400 mg measuring scoop. Suitable for any size dog where giving capsules is not convenient or difficult. 

Serving suggestion: 1 scoop twice daily for dogs up to 10 kg. 2 scoops twice daily for dogs over 10 kg. Serve with food. 

Ingredients:  65% boswellic acid standardised extract of frankincense resin (Boswellia Serrata).

There are many known health benefits from adding this to your daily food. It is always best to help our body to be healthy rather than to try to treat disease. Some people in Asia and Africa eat this resin as a chewing gum and they therefore get the benefit that way. It has also been used for millenia in traditional medicines.

Standardised extracts are a processed form of a raw ingredient until a particular part of the raw ingredient is concentrated to a certain standard, hence the name 'standardised'. 65% boswellic acid standardised extract means that whole frankincense resin is processed until 65% of what's left is boswellic acid and the other 35% is other water-soluble compounds found in frankincense resin. 

The main benefit of standardised extracts is that you always get a fixed amount of the thing that you want no matter how much is in the raw ingredient. For example, whole frankincense resin contains varying amounts of boswellic acid from one batch to another, typically between 1% and 5% depending on when and where the resin was harvested. With ratio extracts, such as 10:1 (10%) extract, you cannot be sure of how much boswellic acid you have in your product because you only know that you are getting 10% of the what the extract is taken from but not what that 10% is. It could be any 10% of the raw ingredient. Ratio extracts are not made with any one component of the raw ingredient in mind. They are not tested for the concentration of anything within the extract. Of all the components in frankincense resin it’s the boswellic acid that provides the most benefit to joints and bowels. This has been established by numerous independent scientific researchers. This is why we sell standardised extract of boswellic acid and not the inherently inferior ratio extracts.

Unlike many other sellers, we never add anything to our capsules such as bulking agents, flow agents, fillers, preservatives, colourings, flavourings, or other additives.

Country of origin - India.

Seek veterinary advice before giving boswellia to pregnant or lactating bitches.

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Product Code 1973
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