When you shop with us you'll be given the opportunity to register a password before you leave the shop. This will open an account at Lonjevitee and from that point forward you'll receive Loyalty Points whenever you buy something. Points are only given on the actual products, not on the delivery charge.

Loyalty Points can be accumulated and used to help reduce the cost of products or delivery. 

The other advantage of having an account with us, apart from saving money, is you'll be able to access past orders, place a repeat order and change your address or password.

You can only use your points if you shop direct, they are not for use on orders we place on your behalf, however, you can do your shopping and then select 'Telephone Payment' as your preferred option and either we'll ring you, or you can ring us so that we can take card details. This way you'll have access to your accumulated Loyalty Points and you can take as many as you wish off the total order value.

If you have any questions about Loyalty Points please ask us. 

Happy saving with Lonjevitee.